YK11: History & Benefits

There is a new class of drugs that are used for fitness performance-enhancement that are much different than traditional anabolic steroids. These drugs are called SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). They mimic androgens in the body that are responsible for producing anabolic effects that lead to enhanced physical fitness.

Other drugs on the market that achieve the same results are often grouped into the SARM category, YK11 is one of those drugs. There has been a lot of discussions in the scientific community about how to classify this drug.

Is YK11 a SARM?

Although it is not technically a SARM, YK11 has a similar effect on the body. Some scientists classify this drug as a myostatin inhibitor. It is another great alternative in place of dangerous anabolic steroids that cause serious side effects.

This compound has been widely used in the fitness world for its anabolic effects that allow people to greatly improve the density of their bones and the size of their muscles. There isn’t enough evidence to track its history, but it is now being manufactured by trusted suppliers who are committed to serving only the purest ingredients in their formulas.

As more clinical trials are completed, we will see more of YK11 soon. In the meantime, the industry relies on the quality testing suppliers are committed to putting their products through as well as the anecdotal reports from long-time users.


As an effective performance-enhancing drug, this compound is widely seen for medical uses as well as in fitness. The major part of its users is composed of bodybuilders and athletes that want an effective and quick way to build muscle without dangerous side effects.

In addition to strengthening bones and muscles, the drug also helps the body efficiently get rid of excess fat. It does not cause water retention, which can lead to stress on the kidneys and bloating. Athletes achieve their best shape without compromising their health.

In medicine, doctors use YK11 on their patients to help them regenerate their musculoskeletal condition. Studies show a major increase in the density of a patient’s bones, as well as a faster recovery time from injuries.

These features make this drug popular among sufferers experiencing degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis and cachexia, a wasting syndrome that leads to loss of muscle mass and brittle bones.

Other applications include helping patients after injuries or surgeries. Studies on subjects who have suffered hip replacement surgeries show significant improvement when taking the compound consistently for a specific cycle.

Along with physical therapy and good nutrition, drugs like YK11 are part of the key components of achieving the best physical condition.

Mode of Action

YK11 results in maximum regenerative effects that give the body the support it needs to reach the best physical performance. It does this by activating the myogenic differentiation and selective gene regulation of the body.

This formula is much stronger and effective than most SARMs. It has a unique mode of action that produces anabolic activity. Some studies show that it also works to inhibit the activity of DHT, an androgen that works closely with testosterone.

Another function is upregulating follistatin, meaning it increases its expression. Follistatin is an activin-binding protein that is essential for muscle formation and growth.

We will learn more about this drug’s mode of action as we see more discoveries in its clinical research.

Recommended Dosage

Again, since there is not enough clinical data, the dosage is based on anecdotal reports from users. Being that this compound is one of the most potent drugs on the market, it is recommended to start at 5 mg per day.

Once you become familiar with the drug and experience little or no side effects, you will want to assess your condition and see if you are achieving the results you desire. If you are free from negative symptoms but are not achieving the gains you expect, you may gradually increase the dose to 10 mg per day.

There are plenty of cases of people who stay at 5 mg per day and don’t need to increase the original dose. Less is better in the world of performance-enhancing drugs. The important factor is that you are consistent with your dosage, preferably taking it at the same time of day.

Try your first cycle for four to eight weeks depending on your fitness goals, age, health status, workout intensity, experience with other drugs, and your gender. Most SARMs and similar drugs are designed with men in mind, but there some especially used by women.

To avoid negative effects and an overload, do not take more than the recommended dose. Consult your physician for possible conditions that may interfere with the use of this compound.

Do a Post Cycle Therapy with products such as Defend and Rebirth that work well after a cycle. These protective supplements prevent liver toxicity and hormonal depletion. Skipping this important step post cycle will compromise your results.

User Reviews

Since YK11, SARMs, and other new drugs alike are still in their research stage, the industry relies heavily on anecdotal reports from medical patients and fitness enthusiasts.

There is a large fitness community of people who have years of experience taking SARMs and other performance-enhancing drugs. Anyone is able to see countless reports by real people. They cover dosage, side effects, and other important topics.

Since YK11 is still considered an experimental drug, it is technically illegal. However, that has not stopped online suppliers from taking it upon themselves to research and develop these novel chemicals.

Besides, it is normal for all drugs to go through this phase as they gain approval from the FDA. The long-term effects are not possible to determine at the moment since these types of drugs are still in their infancy.

People interested in YK11 can view many anecdotal reports to become familiar with the substance. All individuals are unique and require a customized approach to using these drugs. The more research you do, the more you’ll familiarize yourself with cases similar to yours.

One user reported excellent results after a six-week cycle that lead to a muscular gain of approximately 10 pounds. You will see a pattern in the reports of people who have used YK11. Most people report little or no side effects, fast muscular gains, better overall physical condition.

Those who are loyal to YK11 report having gained rapid and significant muscle gains as well as strength each week.

The Finish Line

YK11’s is classified pharmaceutically as a myostatin inhibitor, but it is commonly grouped with SARMs because of its similar mode of action. This classification continues to be up for debate, regardless, it is an effective drug that enhances your fitness level safely and productively.

Because of its effectiveness and lack of serious side effects, this compound is gaining much momentum in the medical community. More clinical data is becoming available from studies performed both on medical subjects suffering from serious conditions, as well as athletes looking to enhance their performance.

The internet is full of anecdotal data that helps users research the drug’s dosage, usage, efficiency, side effects, and other important factors. In the meantime, more clinical studies are on the way to help get YK11 the official status it deserves.

Consistency is the key to seeing results along with a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and a workout regimen. If you’re interested in trying this formula, look for trusted suppliers that consistently take their products through extensive quality testing. Be sure to completely research YK11 and its implications before starting a cycle.

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