SR9011: Is it Really a SARM?

Have you reached a plateau in your fitness routine? Do you wish you can build more muscle and shed fat efficiently without putting your health at risk?

If this applies to you, this article is perfect for people looking to enter the world of performance-enhancing drugs and take their fitness to a top-level. We are now in a different era of fitness supplementation with safer and more effective compounds that don’t cause dangerous side effects or make you look unnaturally buff.

The history of dangerous anabolic steroids is coming to an end. They caused many dangerous side effects and made people look just plain monstrous. Athletes in search of assistance ended up in the worst shape of their lives, that is if they lived to tell about it.

Fortunately, there’s a new kid on the block, it is a new class of drugs that is taking over the fitness supplements market as well as the medical community. These novel drugs are known as SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). Often confused for being a SARM, SR9011 is an effective drug with a similar mode of action and outcomes.

The classification of this drug is Rev-ErbA agonist, but you will find it placed in the same category along with SARMs and other research chemicals. We will explore SR9011 to provide you the comprehensive information you can use to make an informed decision as you add a new supplement into your health toolbox.

Let’s dive right in and explore this exciting fitness supplement!

More About SR9011

Manufacturers of SR9011 claim that it can transform your body in only a few months if used as directed. It has been widely utilized as a fat-burning supplement to help people burn excess adipose tissue at a rapid rate, in a safe manner, of course.

The drug is similar in structure to GW501516 or Cardarine. It is a Rev-ErbA agonist that works by binding to Rev-ErbA receptors in the body. It creates an increased rate of metabolism, improves the way the body stores fat as energy, and enhances your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal endurance.

Originally, this compound was designed and researched for use in the medical field for conditions such as cancer, muscle wasting, and metabolic issues. However, clinical trials occurred very slowly and the drug has not yet gained FDA approval. Soon, these types of drugs will have enough clinical data to make them official and well-regulated.

For now, the extensive research on this compound occurs unofficially by tracking user results through anecdotal reports from people who are mostly fitness enthusiasts dedicated to high-level fitness training that demands a lot from their bodies.

How Does It Work?

SR9011 binds to Rev-ErbA receptors in the body shortly after ingestion. Because it has a very low half-life, it goes to work in the body almost immediately. It prompts your system to undergo various functions to make it more efficient in burning fat, improving physical and mental endurance, increasing energy and stamina, speeding up the rate of recovery, and utilizing energy storage.

What Benefits Can I Expect?

The benefits we often see with SR9011 are mostly targeted towards endurance athletes such as runners and cyclists. You can see changes to your body in only one to two days after starting a cycle, peaking within one week.

Clinical research shows that SR9011 is a highly effective drug for fat loss. One study resulted in subjects losing approximately 10 to 15 pounds of fat during a two-month cycle. These are astonishing results!

Let’s review other benefits of taking SR9011:

  • Speeds up the rate at which the body burns fat allowing you to shed extra pounds without losing muscle mass.
  • Significantly increases the level of endurance and stamina. You’ll be able to do longer workouts at a more intense level. This is turn is another reason why you’ll achieve the results you seek.
  • Helps retain muscle mass long after you’re done with your cycle. Even if you don’t maintain an appropriate diet or stimulate your muscles, the drug will continue to preserve muscle mass.
  • Boosts cardiovascular output and performance by allowing you to exercise longer and at more intense levels.

Recommended Dosage

SR9011 is not yet approved by the FDA, but the industry is hopeful it will happen soon as more clinical studies are performed on this drug, SARMs, and other research chemicals.

These recommendations are based on anecdotal reports available online in which users have experimented over long periods of time.

It is recommended to start this drug at 10 mg per day and monitor for possible side effects. You may encounter some side effects, which may go away if you lower your dose. Most people prefer to start at the lowest possible dose and gradually work their way to a higher dose.

Generally, as a beginner, you can start at 10 mg per day. As you become more experienced using performance-enhancing supplements, you may increase to 20 mg per day. For more advanced athletes that have a long history of using SARMs or other similar drugs, and who have established high-intensity workout routines, up to 30 mg per day may be appropriate.

It is better to start slow and progressively increase your dose than overloading your body too quickly.

Common Usage

We mostly see this formula in fitness applications, but the medical community also uses it for degenerative musculoskeletal diseases, cancer, and other medical cases.

In fitness, this drug is often used to cut and bulk. It is very effective for assisting the body in shedding excess fat. Athletes like to stack the drug with other compounds for a synergistic effect.

Stacking for cutting can be done with formulas such as Ligandrol, RAD 140, Ostarine, and many others. For bulking goals, SR9011 can be stacked with MK-677 and Ligandrol.

Side Effects

There is not enough evidence to determine the long-term effects of SR9011. However, short-term effects are evident through reports obtained from anecdotal claims as well as clinical studies.

Overall, the drug has minimal side effects and is tolerated very well by people with different fitness goals. As long as you stay within the recommended dosage, you should have no adverse effects and should be able to tolerate the drug well.

Due to the lack of research on this drug, there are no known side effects to consider.

Final Notes

To speed up your metabolism and improve your overall fitness level, SR9011 is a great drug to consider. It works immediately on the body’s energy production without major side effects.

You can rest assured that you won’t experience side effects as long as you stay within the recommended dosage. As more clinical studies are completed, the industry will see this drug and others such as SARMs gain great notoriety in fitness and medicine.

To find SR9011 in its purest form, you will have to rely on a handful of trusted suppliers that sell their products online. Beware of cheap imitators that have inferior and dangerous formulas.

As always, stay in touch with your physician as you make changes to your routine, especially if you’re on any medications. There is a lot of hope for those interested in achieving health and fitness goals with minimal risks.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, drugs such as SR9011, provide you the opportunity to reach and maintain your best fitness level. It is important for you to

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