Ligandrol: One of the Most Popular SARMs on the Market

When it comes to SARMs, not all are created equal. One of the most popular SARMs on the market today is Ligandrol. It is extremely effective and has little or no side effects. The drug was developed for medical use and has now taken the fitness world by storm.

We will discuss and why it has become one of the most popular SARMs on the market.

What is Ligandrol?

Otherwise known as Anabolicum, LGD-4033, or VK5211, Ligandrol is considered to be a research chemical. This means that it does not have enough clinical data for FDA approval and legal use.

You can say the same for all SARMs, they are part of a drug class that is very new. It will take a while before enough clinical trials are complete and SARMs finally become FDA approved and regulated.

LGD-4033 was designed by U.S.-based company Ligand Pharmaceuticals and received a patent in 2009. Its initial published clinical trial came out in 2013 assuring consumers about its effectiveness and safety.

Currently, the formula is licensed to Viking Therapeutics who is at the forefront of its clinical studies, with the latest one completed in 2018 showing results for increasing muscle mass and burning fat without negative side effects.

Patients who were studied under this drug showed vast improvement in their physical ability and endurance. In medicine, studies have been conducted to treat cachexia, a wasting condition that causes loss of muscle and bone tissue. Also, for different types of cancer, and degenerative diseases that attack the musculoskeletal system.

Since the drug affects the body similarly to steroids, it helps muscles grow rapidly without bloating or accumulating fat tissue.

How is LGD-4033 Used?

This powerful compound is creating big waves both in fitness and medicine. Its effectiveness on muscle growth and retention is getting a lot of recognition from industry experts.

The following are medical uses for the drug:

  • Cancer survivors use it to increase bone and muscle density while combating muscle dystrophy.
  • Patients of degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, bone disease, and osteoporosis.
  • Orthopedic patients healing from injuries and surgeries use it to speed up recovery.

In the fitness world, you will see the following applications:

  • Athletes use the drug to provide additional support for their training.
  • Grows and retains lean muscle mass.
  • Produces greater energy and stamina.
  • Helps eliminate excess body fat.
  • Heightens endurance and overall performance

Regardless of the reason you may want to use Ligandrol, it is advised to seek the guidance of a health professional who can provide support along the way. As with any drug, it is advised to research it well and be conservative with the dosage.

How Does Ligandrol Work?

LGD-4033’s mode of action is similar to testosterone and anabolic steroids. However, the main difference is not putting yourself at risk for negative repercussions such as kidney disease, liver damage, high blood pressure, and depression.

Users will not experience the aggression seen with steroid use, and neither will they have trouble sleeping, acne, or any of the other symptoms commonly seen.

SARMs are a superior drug class because they bind directly to the receptors located in the tissues of bones and muscles instead of having a systemic effect. Ligandrol initiates cascading processes that alter the expression of different DNA genes. The effects lead to greater density in bone and muscle mass along with the ability for the body to heal quicker.

Recommended Dosage

In most cases, people can start Ligandrol at 1mg per day and see how the body tolerates it. If you’re happy with the results and feel you have enough assistance raising your fitness level, you may continue that dosage.

If you’re not seeing results, you may increase the dosage to 5mg and finally raising it to a maximum of 10 mg per day. These numbers are based on anecdotal reports from experienced users of this compound.

Remember that not everyone needs to increase the dosage past 1mg per day. It pays off to be conservative and stick to the lowest possible dose. You can always increase the dosage if needed, but if you start high then your body will build a tolerance unnecessarily.

The most important factor when taking SARMs is consistency. Your body must maintain steady levels of the drug for a whole cycle, usually eight weeks. Otherwise, you won’t see the benefits of this formula.

After completing an eight-week cycle, Ligandrol requires that you do a round of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). This will prevent your body from a hormonal imbalance and will make the drug more effective.

LGD-4033 is one of the strongest formulas amongst SARMs, if not taken properly accompanied by Post Cycle Therapy, your levels of testosterone will become depleted. A product sold by the name of Rebirth acts as an excellent Post Cycle Therapy. It will keep you healthy and allow you to keep all the muscular gains you made during your eight-week Ligandrol cycle.

How to Add Ligandrol to Your Routine

Research Suppliers

The first step before you add Ligandrol to your fitness supplementation is to research a supplier with a proven track record of their quality and practices.

You must be very careful before you ingest any product. Some companies use marketing tactics to draw you in, but behind the facade are dangerous ingredients that may make you sick.

Ligandrol is one of the most clinically researched SARM, which means you will find a network of professionals who know the drug well and are connected to trusted suppliers.

LGD-4033 has a vast quantity of both anecdotal documentation and clinical findings, all available online from viable sources.

Know Your Health Profile

Another task that is beneficial to complete before you start is knowing your health status. Get lab work done to assess your body’s chemical balance. This is especially important during middle-age when the body goes through hormonal changes in menopause and andropause.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re free from medical conditions and medications that may interfere with SARMs. If you’re suffering from medical conditions such as osteoporosis, you’ll want to document the changes to track your progress.

Prep Your Routine

Once you have the green light to start LGD-4033, you’ll want to make a plan that ensures you will take the drug at the same time each day. Also, have a nutritional plan to provide the support your body needs during its transformation. Start when you know you will be able to complete the eight-cycle uninterruptedly.

Finally, be sure to select a Post Cycle Therapy such as Rebirth and have it ready at the end of your eight-week cycle.


Amongst SARMs, LGD-4033 is one of the most potent. This amazing formula has one of the highest amounts of clinical trials under its belt, which makes it a safer choice than those that lack data. The drug is also backed by plenty of anecdotal reports from experienced users.

Do extensive research to find out which industry leaders are producing the best quality and safest products. Make an informed decision, after all, you are ingesting a substance that will alter your physiology.

Be smart, be consistent, and be aware of your body and its changes. SARMs will continue to expand as more clinical studies are performed. Ligandrol is ahead of the curve and will remain one of the best in its drug class.

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