GW0742: Why is This New Drug Worth Exploring

GW0472 is known in the science community as an improved version of the popular drug, Cardarine (GW501516), a PPAR agonist that is often classified as a SARM. GW0472 is also a PPAR agonist that is also frequently found under the SARMs category.

This improved version of Cardarine is said to be much more potent, even by as much as 200 times. Both drugs are effective for increasing muscle mass, enhancing endurance, burning fat, and speeding up recovery.

Since SARMs are still in their early stage, the industry relies heavily on anecdotal evidence from experienced users, many of which are athletes, bodybuilders, and medical patients.

SARMs and drugs that have similar effects such as GW0742 are considered to be “research chemicals” that are still going through clinical trials and expanded research. This is why they are still pending approval from the FDA.

GW0742 happens to be a compound that has not been widely used and does not have a lot of evidence under its belt. However, it is known to increase lean muscle mass at a rapid rate. Until there is more research about this formula, you will have to rely on your personal preference when you choose if the more potent GW0742 is right for you or if you rather stick to Cardarine.

What Benefits Can I Expect From GW0742?

Similar to Cardarine, GW0742 provides quick results. You may expect to experience the following benefits:

Rapid Fat Burning

Because GW0742 is a PPAR agonist, you will see an improvement in your metabolism that leads to a rapid fat-burning effect. The drug stimulates the body to utilize fat for fuel. In addition, it improved the muscles’ oxidative capacity to assist the body in burning more calories.

This innovative drug works to eliminate adipose tissue all over the body and will improve muscle definition as you shed the extra fat. It is popular with bodybuilders who want to achieve a defined look by shedding fat while keeping all of their muscle mass.

Boosts Energy and Improves Endurance

It takes a lot of energy to maintain a workout routine and transform your body. Some regimens leave you feeling fatigued and lethargic. Nutrition plays a big role in the body’s ability to perform at high standards and consistently maintain lean muscle mass.

With the use of GW0742, you will not experience the feeling of depletion you may find with other supplements. It turns fat into energy, which gives you a boost of significant stamina. Your endurance will improve, and your oxidative capacity in muscles will be maximized to allow for greater endurance.

Because this drug suppresses glucose metabolism and thus stimulates the body to use energy from fat reserves, you will have complete efficiency of losing fat while building muscle at the same time.

Bodybuilders prefer this drug for the immense energy necessary during the cutting cycles of their training.

Reduction in Inflammation

An amazing health benefit that also improves the results of your training is the anti-inflammatory effects that GW0742 produces. As the body recovers, it is important to keep inflammation to a minimum. This will help speed up the recovery process after injuries or intense workouts.

Reduction in Total Cholesterol

Clinical studies confirm that GW0742 reduces the total cholesterol in the body by reversing its transportation in your system. In other words, it decreases the intestines’ reabsorption of cholesterol.

This action allows most of the cholesterol to remain in the digestive tract to be excreted as waste. It is possible to improve your health if you suffer from high blood cholesterol with the use of GW0742.

Promotes a Healthy Lipid Profile

It is no wonder that this effective formula affects your lipid profile. It raises the metabolism of lipids in the heart, with similar effects found when taking the drug Cardarine. This makes you less prone to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Possible Side Effects to Expect

There is not enough documented evidence to list the possible side effects you may experience with the use of this drug. However, industry experts assume that the risks and side effects of this drug are similar to Cardarine.

Some people experience oily skin or acne. That is the only notable side effect that can be considered in this case. That is wonderful news given that this formula is very effective in transforming your body.

Some studies have been done to see if GW0742 or Cardarine cause cancer growth. It is not the case according to the finding performed on animal subjects. Reports of a link to cardiomegaly have been found, but it was involving clinical research mice. There are simply not enough human clinical trials to confirm this adverse effect.

These are “research chemicals” and we will continue to see more data as more studies are completed. There is a lot of hope for this class of drugs, the industry will certainly continue to expand and provide more clinical evidence.

Proper Dosage

As with any drug, be sure it will not cause any interactions with a current medication you are taking or a medical condition you are experiencing. You may follow the dosage guidelines listed for Cardarine.

Start at a dose of 10 mg per day for an eight-week cycle. If you feel it is necessary, you may increase the dose to 25 mg per day. Because the drug has a half-life of 24 hours, you may take it once per day, ideally at the same time each day.

As with any performance-enhancing supplement, taking the lowest possible dose is the wisest decision. Your body may not need higher doses to achieve the results you are looking for. Therefore, it is smart to start low and increase gradually only if absolutely necessary.

Where Can I Find GW0742?

The fitness supplements market is filled with online vendors, many of which are not legit. The industry is not yet regulated and consumers are left at the mercy of user reviews and a handful of trusted brands.

Find a brand and supplier that has long-standing reliability among consumers. Swiss Chems and are examples of major suppliers that provide the purest and highest quality supplements.

These companies are responsible for putting their products through strict quality testing by unbiased third-party laboratories. Each batch is tested for potency, purity, and overall quality. They provide certificates of analysis and have user-friendly websites to make your purchasing experience a pleasant one.

This compound is available in powdered and solution form at a price of about $50 for a 600 mg bottle. Reputable suppliers will provide a money-back guarantee, quick delivery, and customer support. Be sure to research the supplier extensively by browsing through customer reviews.

The Finish Line

In summary, GW0742 is certainly better than Cardarine, but because of its limited user reviews, it is often dismissed. However, more clinical trials are underway to prove its effectiveness and safety.

Until there is more information about this compound and as a precautionary measure, you may choose Cardarine as an alternative. For those new to taking SARMs, we recommend trying Cardarine first and becoming familiar with its effects.

There are many options when it comes to fitness supplements. Be sure to choose products that come from trusted suppliers even if you have to pay higher prices.

GW0742 gives us high hopes that we will continue to see SARMs and other supplements evolve into more amazingly powerful and safe drugs.

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